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Nena Janssens

Subjects: HSC Legal Studies, Statistics (1000- 3000 level), Psychology (1000-3000 level), Law (1000-3000 level)

I'm Nena Janssens, I have completed by Bachelor of Psychological Science obtaining excellent results and am currently studying a Juris Doctorate/ Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice at the University of Dubbo. I have excellent skills in tutoring statistics and making it easy and simple to understand, all my students have obtained 70% or higher

Matthew Potoczny

Subjects: All subjects K-10, General Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics, Extension 1 mathematics and Engineering Studies.

Hi, my name is Matthew Potoczny. I'm 21 years old and I'm one of seven in my awesome family. I've lived in Dubbo all my life and finished my HSC back in 2012 at Lambton High School. I completed my HSC with an ATAR of 90.6 and received many academic excellence awards for my strong work ethic and commitment to learning throughout my years there. After high school in 2013 I began to tutor with STN and have been doing so ever since. In my spare time I spend immense amounts of time with my family either pranking/wrestling my 4 brothers or going on family picnics/outings to places around the Dubbo area. I'm an avid pet lover and pride myself with having one of the cutest cats you'll ever see. I love to socialize and joke around and I can guarantee that tutoring with me will be super fun. I have ample experience tutoring and can always help a student reach their desired goals and more. There's no question I can't help with; set a goal or have a dream and let me help you make it there!

Mikhaila Gray

Subjects: Primary school and 7-10 subjects, Advanced Mathematics and English, Biology, Chemistry

I am 21 years old, starting my second year in a Bachelor of Physiotherapy this year. I completed the HSC at Kinross Wolaroi School (in Orange) in 2011. I have extensive tutoring experience, and it is something that I love doing.

To me, tutoring isn't just a job - I have a genuine investment in the success and improvement of the people I tutor.

Ben McLean

Subjects: Primary: Mathematics, Secondary: 7-10 Science, Mathematics, English and PDHPE. Preliminary and HSC English, PDHPE, Mathematics, Physics, Senior Science and Chemistry

Tertiary: Open Foundation and Newstep Mathematics and Chemistry. 1st Year Chemical Engineering and Mathematics, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Year Chemistry

My name is Ben McLean and I am in my fifth and final year of a combined Bachelor of Chemical Engineering/Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) at the University of Dubbo. I have so far achieved at University an average above Distinction. I performed very well during my HSC and was awarded Dux of my high school. Throughout my years of study I feel like a have an excellent grasp on how to maximise marks in exams and assignments. I feel like I have extensive knowledge of various studying techniques and methods on how to retain, understand and apply learned content. My specialty without a doubt is Chemistry and I aim to obtain a PhD scholarship at the end of this year to continue my already promising research career.

I have previously tutored students completely through year 11 and 12 and have assisted University students studying for their final exams. My students achieved results in both of these cases that were well beyond the expectations they had for themselves. They obtained high marks and in the cases that applied, obtained the ATAR they needed to enrol in their desired University degree. This is the reason I take pride in being a tutor; helping people to realise their true potential and achieve their goals is extremely rewarding. I am also a very approachable, friendly and well-spoken person, so talking over difficult concepts is not an intimidating experience. I look forward to each and every opportunity I have to help you achieve your goals.

Cameron Lang

Subjects: Primary School; High School: Advanced English, Drama, History (Modern and Ancient), Music, General Science, General Mathematics

My name is Cameron and I have deferred from university to dedicate myself to a life long passion for writing. For the past four and a half years I have been a volunteer tutor for High School students with English as a second language. My time there opened my eyes to the countless levels at which different students can embark on the pursuit of knowledge from, and the importance of being able to break down knowledge to the point that a student can effectively develop from. I also came to appreciate the benefit of giving a student a question rather than an answer, for being able to figure out an answer for themselves rather than repeat facts they have memorized will serve them well not only in every subject at school but most importantly throughout their development as people.

Shannon Boschuetz

Subjects: K to 10: all subjects - 11 to 12: visual arts, biology, chemistry, advanced English, maths (2U) - University: 1st and 2nd year bachelor of pharmacy courses

Hi, my name is Shannon! I'm currently studying a Bachelor of Pharmacy (honours) at the University of Dubbo. I completed my HSC in 2013 at Narara Valley High School. I love helping people to achieve the goals that they are striving for and have multiple ways of teaching to try and cater for everyone and their different learning types. My strengths are patience, persistence and organisation and I believe these have helped me greatly through my own education journey and also allow me to further assist and help others.

Matthew Rudge

Subjects: Primary and year 7-10 Mathematics, HSC General and Advanced Mathematics, Primary and 7-10 Science, HSC Biology, 7-10 English, HSC Information Processes & Technology, HSC Music 1. University level: STAT 1070, HUBS 1403, HUBS 1404, CHEM 1010, CHEM 1020

My name is Matt. I am 21 years old and am currently in my 3rd year of a Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics at the University of Dubbo. I completed my HSC at All Saints College, St Mary's Campus Maitland, and achieved an ATAR of 92.15. I then spent a year teaching guitar at the Hunter Valley School of Music. It was during this time that I realised how rewarding it is to be able to teach people concepts and skills that were previously too difficult for them. I know from experience the benefit of having someone explain things in a way that makes sense to me. Often one-on-one tutoring can give a much clearer understanding than is possible in a classroom setting. As I enjoy sport and social activities as well as studying, I have found it to be important to be organised and to study efficiently. I am happy to pass on techniques I have learnt to help other students achieve their best.

Zarife Taylor

Subjects: All primary school subjects, all 7-10 high school subjects, 11 & 12 Standard and Advanced English, Ancient History, Biology, Drama and Beginners Italian

Hi, I'm Zarife! After spending 2015 in the Bachelor of Psychology, in 2016 I'll be commencing study in the Bachelor of Teaching (Humanities) (Honours) at the University of Dubbo.

During my senior years in high school I had a couple of excellent teachers who helped me achieve great results throughout the HSC. My goal is to become become a teacher who inspires students through passion and knowledge. I love learning and this really helps in my attitude towards tutoring

As a tutor I aim to assist students in achieving results they can be proud of. It's very rewarding for me as a tutor to work towards creating a happy and productive learning environment where students can flourish.

Bethani Cummings

Subjects: Primary: English and Mathematics Secondary: All subjects 7-10, HSC and Preliminary Standard English, General Mathematics, Biology and Ancient History Tertiary: Newstep: Academic Literacies 1 & 2, Mathematical Studies 1, Film Studies and Classical Studies. 1st year Secondary Education courses; EDUC1038, EDUC1101,

EDUC2151, EDUC2036 History courses AHIS1000 and Hist1001

Hello, my name is Bethani Cummings. I am 21 years old and about to enter my second year of a Bachelor of Secondary Teaching focusing on History, both ancient and modern at the University of Dubbo. My goal for the future is to become the best teacher I can. I have grown up in the Dubbo and Maitland areas with my parents and 3 younger siblings. I enjoy relaxing with some good music and a great book when I am not engaged in work or study. I thrive under pressure and I believe I can face any challenge that is thrown in my path, an attitude I wish to encourage in my students. Every obstacle or problem has a solution! As a tutor, I am seeking to intellectually engage with my clients and implement varied strategies in order to achieve their academic goals. I have collected these strategies through experience in my own schooling and from the brilliant minds of the education staff at the University of Dubbo. I hope that my passion for teaching and learning assists in engaging my clients in their education.

Alex Rendina

Subjects: Primary and Secondary- Mathematics, Science, English and literacy skills. Preliminary/HSC- Mathematics, General Maths, Extension Maths, Studies of Religion (I & II) and PDHPE.

Hi, my name is Alex! I completed my HSC in 2015 at St Francis Xaviers Hamilton and achieved an ATAR of 93.50. I have always enjoyed maths, science and problem solving, and this year I am beginning a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering at The University of Dubbo. School has always been a positive experience for me and I am passionate about helping other students in their learning and to reach their academic goals. I have experience working with children in a learning environment through volunteer programs and activities. From these experiences I have gained valuable understanding of the different ways people learn and come to understand different concepts.

Alex Malcolm

Subjects: Ancient History, Modern History, Geography and Maths 7-10

Hi I'm Alex and I am studying a Bachelor of Secondary Teaching at the University of Dubbo, majoring in HSIE. Prior to University I graduated from Duval High School in Armidale in 2013 with Band 5's in most of my subjects. My recent success in the HSC coupled with my current studies enable me to actively enhance student's understanding and to improve their academics due to my extensive knowledge of the curriculum. I am very passionate about education and believe every child has the ability and the right to succeed. I have learnt many skills throughout my experiences as a student regarding study and exam tips, and I can impart these skills upon students to achieve success.

Molly Rutherford

Subjects: All primary school subjects, Years 7-8 all high school subjects

My name is Molly Rutherford. I am 19 years old and currently in my 2nd year studying a Bachelor of Primary Education (honours) at the University of Dubbo. I completed my HSC in 2014 at St. Pauls High School. I have received help from tutors in the past which has enabled me to achieve great results throughout my education thus far. I understand the importance of having additional support and feeling more confident and comfortable in the classroom. I have a passion for education and teaching and as a tutor my aim is to suggest strategies and demonstrate skills in order for my students to maximise their results and achieve their goals. I also aim to be a great role model and inspire my students like my previous tutors have inspired me. I am a very patient and enthusiastic person and I don't mind a how long it takes for my students to grasp a concept, as long as I see their lightbulb moment when they finally understand something that's what's most important for me.

Stephanie Wickens

Subjects: All primary subjects, Year 11-12 Studies of Religion

My name is Stephanie Wickens, I am 21 years old, and I am currently doing the Bachelor of Teaching (Primary and Early Childhood) (Honours) at the University of Dubbo. I completed a year of the Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours) before changing to primary teaching because of my love for children and my desire to help them in all areas of their educational and social life. I am a ballet teacher with Tiny Tutus and have had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of a volunteer homework center to assist disadvantaged primary school children in English proficiency. I adore children and being able to assist them in learning is a great passion of mine. My experience with children, paired with my ability to understand that every child is unique, will be reflected through my tutoring with an extremely personal approach that is individually tailored to each student.

I can't wait to meet all of you!

Kajanan Nithiyananthan

Subjects: I am able to tutor children of all grades, from K-12. Within the HSC and Preliminary courses, I specialise in all levels of Mathematics and the sciences of Physics, Chemistry and Biology along with Advanced English.

G'day, my name is Kajanan Nithiyananthan and I completed my HSC in 2015 with an ATAR of 98.80. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at the University of Dubbo.

Attending school never seemed like a responsibility for me, and I enjoyed learning about Maths and Science so much that I decided to choose a degree related to it. I am passionate about helping you achieve your personal best and it is my belief that the most important aspects of achieving your personal best are: you must enjoy what you are learning about and always give 100% effort and you must never abstain from asking questions. I will try to help you understand key concepts by communicating the information to you in a multitude of ways. If you can understand the fundamental concepts, then you will find it a lot easier to progress onto more difficult ideas and relate your knowledge to practical applications.

Molly Walmsley

Subjects: Primary: English and Literacy; Secondary: 7-10 English, HSC English Studies, Standard English, Advanced English, Extension English, Community and Family Studies, Society and Culture, General Mathematics, Visual Arts, Studies of Religion Units 1 and 2.

My name is Molly Walmsley and I am in my third year studying a Bachelor of Teaching (Humanities) (Honors) at the University of Dubbo. I performed well throughout my HSC, graduating in 2012 from Saint Francis Xavier's College with an ATAR of 93.75. Since then, I have tutored students privately from Year 8 through to HSC students, have assisted in organising and running HSC workshops in Standard and Advanced English, and have been exposed to classroom environments working with students with a diverse range of abilities. tIn doing do, I feel that through personalised attention and engagement with students, I can assist with strategies, techniques and support to meet their goals not only in successful achievement outcomes but also in high engagement in their learning process that they can use throughout their future education. tI look forward to assisting students in their unique learning experience and working toward meeting goals that exceed their own expectations.

Matt Koch

Subjects: Year 7u201310 Science. Year 7u201310 Maths. Year 7u201310 PDHPE and PASS. Year 11-12 PDHPE. Year 11-12 Biology / Chemistry. Year 11-12 Maths (inclusive of Extension 1)

My name is Matt, I am currently studying for a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at University of Dubbo. I completed my HSC in 2015 at Great Lakes College, Senior Campus in Tuncurry and am proud to have achieved an ATAR of 96.2. I am a dedicated and focused student with high personal standards and I am motivated to achieve results. I have many skills, tips and tricks to share to help you achieve the best results that you can.

I enjoy playing Rugby League on weekends and am a member of my local Surf Club back in my home town of Forster where, up until moving to Dubbo for Uni I regularly participated in Surf Patrol. I currently hold a Bronze Medallion in Surf Rescue and IRB Crewman's Certificate. This shows that you can succeed academically while still being able to enjoy extra-curricular and community activities, actually it is a great way to practice time management and prioritization, life skills that will assist you in achieving your goals. I look forward to meeting you